There are most definitely times in our house when we use sugar, butter, and other forms of deliciousness in all their rich and tasty glory; however, for the most part, we try to eat well with health in mind. We try to reduce the sugars, reduce the fats, reduce the salt when possible.

A few months ago, we discovered these tasty Honey Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies, a recipe created by nutritionist Ellie Krieger. We love the heartiness of the oats and almond butter and the sweetness from the honey. Each cookie is about 100 calories, according to the nutrition information. Bill, Katie, and I really love them. The kiddos and I made a batch today and then snacked on some warm ones in our fort while we had story time.

For those who might try the recipe (and I really recommend it!), Katie had the idea to add a few 60% cacao chips. Yes, it increases the caloric value some, yet the little bit of chocolate satisfies the chocolate need without being excessive.

Hope you all enjoy!