Every once in awhile, we need a whole day in our pajamas. My daughter Katie is always excited when I declare a pajama day. She knows it means that I will slow down,  that I won’t be so preoccupied with tidying up or bustling off somewhere. Pajamas mean coziness. They mean there won’t be mom’s last minute push to get shoes on and out the door to be somewhere—anywhere—on time. Our jammies mean taking time to connect.

My husband Bill helped to set the tone for a relaxing day when, without being asked, he thoughtfully surprised me with a “sleep-in” morning. He took Eric out of his room before I even had a chance to hear him early this morning, and since Katie was sleeping in, too, I got some extra sleep and woke up more leisurely. Oh, how I used to take for granted sleeping in whenever I wanted… It is a rare treat these days, and exquisite pleasure.

When I got up, I felt refreshed enough to “play princesses” first thing. I cannot always do imagination play very well first thing in the morning, but today I could—and that in turn sent good ripples into Katie’s heart for the day.

By the time we got downstairs to make lemon poppyseed muffins, it almost qualified as “brunch” but they were tasty with tea. We indulged in watching Goonies, one of my favorite movies from childhood. I remember watching that for the first time with my dad long ago.

Then it was time for more reading and play in our fort. In the afternoon while Eric took a long nap, Katie helped me prepare dinner and then she rested (still awake, but restful) nearby while I watched Flower Drum Song and caught up a little on my scrapbooking.

I was thankful for a quiet, peaceful day, a day that felt more in balance as I got to have time with my family and time also for some experiences that help me to recharge. Jammies mean no pressure, no expectations on ourselves other than enjoyment. Thank goodness!