Katie and I are working on a homemade surprise for Daddy for Valentine’s Day. Shhh, it’s a secret. Well, okay, not really… When Bill asked Katie what it was one night, she was my sweet honest girl and told him straightforwardly.  That’s okay: we’re still pretending it is a secret surprise anyway. 😉

Our gift involves sewing…lots and lots of sewing. It has been about six months (Eric’s age) since I last used my sewing machine, so I love bringing it back downstairs for our project. Katie has helped at each stage of our project, and today she continued to be my helper in making a gift for her daddy. So sweet. I let her push the machine pedal, taught her how to make a bobbin, and let her help me feed the fabric in. She was so proud of her herself when she saw the pieces she had helped to sew.

Here, she is showing her princess figures the sewing machine:

Today was a full, busy day. We had music class this morning—always a highlight of the week. We love our Music Together program, and we’re so lucky that we found Miss Kara. When we got home, we worked on our gift, baked a treat, read books, ate lunch, prepped dinner (Eric LOVES to help cook—I guided his hands to help stir), and played.

I love sewing and crafting with my daughter! Hopefully we can make some more progress on the gift this weekend when Bill isn’t looking!