What a beautiful Sunday! I am usually the first to love grey and stormy weather, but this year I really have been appreciating the early springtime. I think I needed the change after the sadness that ended the otherwise beautiful Christmas season for me this year, so I have been grateful.

Here is Katie, ready for the morning!

We had a relaxing day and worked on sewing our quilt top for Daddy’s gift. This took a little longer than expected, because there were many stops and starts to attend to the other needs of our family. Katie was patient and helpful. When the quilt top got too big and too full of pins for her to sit on my lap to sew, I let her do the foot pedal—she delighted in that tremendously! At one point, she started dancing around singing at the height of her lungs, “I love seeeeeeeeewing!!!!” I am already eagerly anticipating the day when she, my mom, and I will be able to sit around working on our various projects together.

Later, Katie helped me to pin the top to the middle filling and the muslin backing. My mom came over to help straighten and lay it out…and to show me how to make the corners with the seam binding, which is our next step. This is the first patchwork blanket I have made, too. I have crocheted blankets before, but this is a new learning experience for me as well as for Katie.

I finished a small wall-hanging quilt (actually more a quilt pattern than this blanket, technically) in July. I had started it three years ago, right after Eric’s namesake great-uncle passed away as a way to help heal myself, and I finished it finally with little Eric growing in my womb. I wrote a blog about it last summer, and for me that quilt will always be a link between my Uncle Eric whom I miss so much and my son.

This quilt-blanket we’re making now is about my relationship with my daughter and her daddy. And about teaching her how to make something for someone that can warm them not only on the outside, but from the inside with love.

Finally, we had fun playing other games today, too! We had a squealing-fun session of hide-n-seek outside with my mom, Amie. Eric and I were a team, and Amie and Katie were a team. We found some great places to hide!

Katie also built a block castle and decorated it with her necklaces:

We hope everyone else had a beautiful and relaxing day, too!