In her “sunshine dress” of yellow polka dots, Katie worked on making a writing folder this morning:

I figured that, if we do a small writing/journal entry even three days a week, we’d better have a place to keep them. To keep her interested, I brought out a new set of markers, our “school markers.” It never ceases to amaze me how creating a little excitement like that makes my little student even more willing to work.

Today we wrote about her “favorite restaurant.” I expected her to say “Starbucks,” but she totally surprised me by choosing our local Afghan restaurant, Pamir Kabob House. The last time we ate there was two days before Eric was born, although I am hankering to return. Afghan food was one of my biggest pregnancy cravings. Katie loves it, too, and I am delighted that she remembers it. Our first trip was with my friend Rosa, and Katie included her in her writing:

“My favorite restaurant is Pamir. I love the food there. Maybe we can go there soon. I like Afghan food. Me and Rosa went to Pamir.”

I figure there is time to correct the “me and Rosa” construction as she continues to learn. None of us use that construction around here, I promise, and I have read that young linguists tend to make this error and grow out of it. Right now, I am not focusing on having her revise her writing at this time. When she speaks, if she uses an improper construction, I always correct it gently by restating it the right way, but with writing—well, we’re new the to craft, and it is not time to get picky about it. She is only three. Our journal writing is more focused on having her articulate concentrated thoughts about one subject and starting to organize them.

After our writing assignment, we worked out of one of her preschool workbooks. She worked on riddles, analogies (yes, we keep it old school around here), matching, and cause and effect exercises. It is fun to watch her zip through these, and she likes it too. I have been feeling the insatiable call of the teaching supply store…It beckons…more workbooks, more realia, more construction paper and art supplies. Fight the urge! Fight the urge! 😉

And as for Mr. Eric…. He wore his sunny yellow shirt and enjoyed his morning nap in the family room cozy chair (rigged up with pillows so he can’t roll). Big Boy is 6 months old today! What?!? Slow down, my babies…you are growing so fast! I love this time with both of you.