When we really stop to think about all the connections we have, all the people with whom we’ve crossed paths and intersected for some brief or some long time, we realize: although those connections may change form, they are omnipresent, always here, always existing.

I have been continuing my long process of digitizing some of our family photographs. I came across this last night: my school Christmas pageant, December 21, 1984.

I am one of the girls in the front, the girl with the white and yellow dress, white tights, auburn hair. I remember that my Grandma Mitchell took this picture.

A couple of the other children I think I might recognize, classmates who continued through Friends Christian School with me for the elementary grades. But the rest? I could pore over and think about a picture like this for simply hours. What happened to all of these children? Surely they are my age now, of course. Where do they live? Do they have children of their own? Are they happy? Did I ever intersect them in another form and not know it? What have their stories become? Where are they?

And so all our lives are entwined with so many others. We never know who we are meeting when we first meet a person, or whom they will be to us, or how long we will be part of their story. Yet it is totally humbling to think of our interconnectedness, which I can only begin to intuit and understand in little glimpses. We cannot gaze too long at the infinite, for our brains cannot hold on it.

This picture makes me wonder.