“I could stay awake just to hear you breathing/Watch you smile while you are sleeping/While you’re far away and dreaming/I could spend my life in this sweet surrender/I could stay lost in this moment forever/Where every moment spent with you/Is a moment I treasure/I don’t wanna close my eyes/I don’t wanna fall asleep/’Cause I’d miss you, baby/And I don’t wanna miss a thing…”


I sang this to our son as I rocked him back to sleep in his rocker at about 4:30 this morning. He fell asleep with his little head on my shoulder, warm and dry, fed and tended to. Once, long long ago during a time when I did not yet know all the beauty life had in store and I was searching for myself in another person, this song meant something else to me. Oh, how my heart bubbles up in mirth and laughter at how foolish it was ever to have wanted anything but my destiny, anything but myself. When I hear this song now, I think of Bill and our Katie and our Eric…and I know all in the past was leading me here to them, as if they had always been. They are my great loves.

After music class with my babies today, we came home for a bit of a rest and reading time and then walked to lunch with our friend Cassandra. I would say she is a former student, but I actually never formally taught her. She was friends with a student of mine and my brother, and in my first years of teaching, I knew her as a friendly face on campus…an artist, a poet, a beautiful spirit with the most beautiful below-the-waist red hair. How good to reconnect with her today! She is a teacher, with her credential focused on elementary school, and she offered to lend me a book about how to go about teaching reading. So thoughtful…I cannot wait to pour over it tonight.

Katie walks to lunch.

Eric enjoys the fresh air this afternoon.

He is such a happy-go-lucky guy!

I love this little man so much.

Eric William, 6 months and 3 days old.

Happy baby!

Eric is getting his first tooth breaking through his lower gum! Such a milestone! It seems like I just gave birth to him a few days ago… Sometimes I really feel like I could have one or two more… (Hi, Bill…no, don’t worry honey). Truly, though, I love these little people so much!