It seems that this has been a week of Eric achieving, or making progress on, several milestones. He turned six months old, and boom! A tooth…sitting…pre-crawling…scooting…playing more intently with his toys, especially his favorite ball. And tonight? Making raspberries with his lips!

So it was no surprise that at bedtime, when he was still a little on the wakeful side, he started hoisting himself on his crib rail. Not like standing up or anything—please!—but pulling himself so he could see over. My husband suggested that we lower the crib…just as an extra precaution. We probably have a little more time before we need to lower the crib, but we agreed to get it done tonight and then not have to worry about it.

Forty-five minutes later…

Thus, my blog will be on the shorter end tonight, folks. We’re all tired here. 😉

The best part, though, truly? My husband and I can laugh and joke our way through such a process. That really is a joy.