I love to make a big deal of things, look for almost any occasion (even those I invent myself) to have a party, and revel in festivity. Yes, we celebrate and appreciate our loved ones all year, but why not use Valentine’s Day as an excuse/reason to have fun and play and live it up a little more than we ordinarily do? Or to indulge in a quiet evening of the ordinary comforting routines that make one feel cozy and in tune with oneself? A day that showcases all kinds of love—why, that’s all good in my book! Plus at this point with the kiddos, we are actively making traditions…and the point of tradition is to ground ourselves to the family. Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to do that, just as any holiday is. Yes, all day I have seen reminders on my Facebook feed that it has been over-commercialized. Okay…but commercialization has overtaken Christmas, Easter, Halloween,  and just about any other holiday we hold dear. We don’t have to go down the commercial route to make it meaningful, although in our family we find the exchange of presents to heighten the festivity and anticipation. Why not use the holiday as a day to honor those we love: animals, romantic interests, children, parents, family, friends, ourselves? Life is too short not to make it FUN!

We played hard today! It was a Valentine’s Day fest from wake-up time to bedtime!

My two littlest valentines.

Laughing Katie!

Graceful Katherine and Sweet Eric.


Katie and Daddy and I hold out Daddy’s quilt that we made for him. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie!

Pinks and reds and whites for us today!

To commemorate the occasion, Eric ate in the high chair for the first time! (He’s been eating propped up in his boppy pillow). He seemed to like eating more upright!

Dinner was cheese fondue with the following items to dip: broccoli, carrots, turkey sausages, taquitos, bread, red potatoes, and apples. Washed down with sparkling cider.

Happy Katie, Mommy, and Eric.

Before dinner, Katie and Amie help to set and decorate the table.

Valentine card bowl…even before another three cards were added by Bill!

Dessert: chocolate fondue with bananas, strawberries, angel food cake, and pink marshmallows! Katie had been asking for the pink marshmallows for months, and so I finally let her get them for Valentine’s Day dessert. Excitement!!

Katie proudly hands her daddy his present that she helped to make.

Eric’s first Valentine’s Day!

And, we were all settled and bathed and ready for tonight’s historic and entertaining Jeopardy (two best contestants playing a computer named Watson). We’ve also been anticipating this event for weeks, too, in our house. Valentine’s Day AND a neat-o Jeopardy? Awesome that they coincided! It’s the little things we look forward to that keep life rolling along with delight. Make those simple little things feel big and special—that is one of my personal recipes for happiness.

Whatever way you chose to celebrate today, I hope you all had fun and made joy!