Awake for a couple of hours randomly in the middle of the night, my mind began to ponder new configurations for our family room. I’ve never made the most of the space in there and wanted to open it up a bit.

We love it!!! I wasn’t sure it would feel as cozy—my number one requirement for any room, even over utility—but it does!

To celebrate, Eric is napping (he had some heavy lifting to do…just kidding). Katie and I worked puzzles, made a roaring fire to balance the rain, shared stove-popped corn and hot cocoa, read together and cuddled, fixed her rocking horse, and are in the middle of Cinderella. I just ran upstairs to check on the Big Guy and thought I might write a bit, too.

As Katie said, “I love this day!!” It never takes too much, does it? The simple joys are the best ones. I love this time with my children and making discoveries together.

Oh, and I purchased my first Justin Bieber song today. This probably means I’ve crossed some kind of personal threshold, as yet unknown. Scared to know. 😉