I am feeling much better than last night, though I am hoping a good deep rest tonight will have me feeling more like myself tomorrow morning. I was up all night last night—and my husband, helping me, was too—as the worst of it passed. Bill stayed home from work to help with our kiddos this morning, so I could rest and so that they would be more protected from any contagions. My mom also came over for most of the day and did laundry, went shopping for crackers, ginger ale, and other tummy comforters, and she helped fix meals for the kiddos and played with Katie while Bill watched Eric. I am so thankful for all of their help. I am not sure what I would have done without them… My energy level was so low that keeping up with a crawling baby would have been nearly impossible…I am so grateful for the time to rest. I camped out on the couch and worked on my fluids and crackers and dozing.

So, I am hoping this stomach bug was the fast and furious kind.

An illness like this always makes me reflect:

1) Our bodies are really so much at the mercy of biological organisms beyond our control. We are so fragile…

2)…on the other hand, our bodies are also tough and often up for the fight. Either way you look at it, our fragile/powerful bodies are humbling.

3) Right now, almost all food sounds repulsive—a different state of mind than I am normally in. Kind of eye-opening. Outside of having little energy today, I rather liked the feeling of a totally empty stomach, not stuffed to the brim. I saw what I subsisted on today—a popsicle, a few crackers, egg and dry toast, a few bites of Greek yogurt with honey, lots of fluids. More than enough, really, especially for a day of rest. True, I am often much busier—but am I overeating? Probably. Well, definitely. Funny how our culture’s (and my own) obsession with food and oversized portions look when all food sounds disgusting. I got a different perspective on that today. Refreshing.

So, off to bed (soonishly) for me. Again, thank you to my husband, my mom, and my sweet children for being helpful and for giving mommy the “day off” to convalesce. Crossing my fingers for tomorrow!