We have spent more time tonight playing than we usually do, and so bedtime is a bit late tonight. In fact, I am briefly posting before going into my daughter’s room to read some more to her before she falls asleep. Aunt Ashley gave Katie and Eric several books this past weekend, and Katie right now is deeply involved a seven part series about rainbow fairies….pretty neat, since these little volumes are her first chapter books. We’ve read through three already, with Amie and Daddy taking turns also. She can’t put them down. Hurrah for books that make children passionate.

I came across a poem by Ruth Krauss today. Krauss is one of my FAVORITE authors for children. She wrote the elegant book The Carrot Seed, about belief in oneself.

Here is the poem I found. It is entitled “No More Woxes: A Short Tall Tale” and it is by Ruth Krauss:

There was a wolf

and there was a fox and

they ate each other up.

And that made the wox.


Then the wox

ate himself up and

that’s why there are

no more woxes.

I had a strong first reaction and interpretation of this poem, friends, though I know it could represent different things. What do you see in this poem? What is the metaphor? What do we learn from it? Please ring in!