Today was an eclectic day, the kind of day that has no real plan, the kind of day in which I am doing my best to work through my task list—you know, the kind of eclecticism fueled by only four hours of sleep the night before. Oh, nights like those… Sleep has been, in general, spotty this week, starting with the Night of the Flu. Life happens that way sometimes.

So we put our noses to the grindstone, tie our shoes on tight, will ourselves to ignore the sleepy burn in our eyes, and we continue forward. There is life to be lived and work to be done.

Thankfully, Katie was extremely fascinated by her dress-up items today, playing princess and bridal fairy and dressing up with pink princess shoes and crowns and veils. She is my imaginative and fun girly girl. She has been learning to comb her own hair, and I let her use make-up to play with sometimes. She loves lip gloss and all manner of toiletries.

Eric was everywhere today. I mean, everywhere. The cute part is that he loves to follow his sister around and is pretty fast at it, too. I got my exercise today playing “pick up the baby and return him to the room I’m in.” Little Guy is so sweet and so proud and excited when he finds something new. He is beginning to use low objects, such as the child-sized chairs in the playroom to pull up to his knees (he tries to get to his feet but isn’t strong enough yet, even though it is clear he knows what to do).  Katie had pulled up and was routinely traveling via groping by 7.5 months, and I think Eric will do about the same. They seem to be following the same timetable on just about everything. She walked at 9.5 months to the day, which means I might have only another three months before both of my children are off scampering around together. Whew!!

I was able to take advantage of Eric’s big morning nap to get some editing/consulting work done for my colleague John Richardson. We are collaborating on a book proposal for his book The Path of Consequence, which I read and resonated with last year. John motivates us to embrace a life of passionate purpose in his fiction work, a mystery piece that corresponds to his non-fiction writing as well. Anyway, he had a meeting with a book publisher today and has another meeting scheduled with the same publisher in April. He has been working on several items for both his fiction and nonfiction proposals, and I am honored that he trusts me to be another set of eyes. This morning we sent work back and forth regarding a two page book synopsis for The Path of Consequence. I really had fun working on it—that written space in life always feels so warm and habitable. Writing something—anything—usually feels cathartic and meditative to me.

I felt highly productive right after that, yet when I was getting the three of us ready to go out on errands, all of the sudden I seemed to be wandering from pick-up job to pick-up job and lost some of my focus. We ended up going out later than I’d planned, but we still managed to do what we needed to do. It is hard to believe that it is almost bedtime (hurrah!!!) again, but thank goodness!

A sleepy yet joyful day!