This week has been an exercise in trying to adapt as quickly as possible to two very mobile and naturally curious children. Given the knowledge that I’ve been able to learn new rhythms and patterns at other stages of motherhood, I have faith that I will adapt soon…I hope.

Right now, I have to put in my learning time. This week has been challenging. I turn to a task for five seconds and Eric is trying to access the stone hearth (we have a makeshift row of pillows there, but he has figured out how to pull them down and climb over them). While I am rescuing him from what feels like certain catastrophe, Katie is in the bathroom on her stool getting out all of my lipsticks. Readers, you get the idea. I don’t feel fast enough or smart enough to keep up with them this week. This new dynamic is more physically demanding than even the first month after Eric arrived and making the initial adjustment to two children. I know in another week or two, it will all be figured out, smoothed, and routine because that’s what always happens in motherhood—we mothers figure it out because we have to. This week is just my boot camp week. I’m feeling the burn and trying to hold onto my wits.

A big part of keeping it all in perspective is remembering my blessings and being conscious of having a grateful heart.

So, what was I thankful for today?

* Going to bed early last night so that when I had a 4:30 AM wake-up call, I was ready

* Time to myself this morning after Eric went back to sleep: read the news, watch a television program, started catching up on my scrapbook, enjoyed some tea, ate my breakfast with both hands (this is rare—usually I am always tending to at least one, and sometimes both, of our children during mealtime), put my feet up

* A morning stroll around our backyard in our jammies with Eric, listening to bird song after he woke up for the morning. We touched trees, flowers, bushes, smelled the morning, watched birdies, loved the springlike day

* Dancing with Katie to some new iTunes music and watching her face light up

* Seeing how proud Katie is of being able and allowed to comb/style her own hair now

* Stilton with cranberries and a sweet, dark prairie bread for lunch, along with a few lobster raviolis (which Katie loved)

* Being able to admit to myself midstream that I was not in the right frame of mind to teach our pre-school work today and deciding to pack it up and sparing my child the stress of  a “tiger mother.” Pre-school ought to be fun and lighthearted, not drudgery. Since we only do it a few days a week, I am going to move it to another time this weekend. She deserves the BEST teacher I can be, nothing less. Everyday I am thankful for my teaching background, and for the strength and experience it gave me to be able to reflect on successful and unsuccessful lessons and to take responsibility. That profession is humbling every single day, whether the day goes well or poorly.

* My parents coming over to visit and play with our children…which gave me time to superglue my head back on and remember how important it is to count my blessings.

* Playing with her figurines in Katie’s bath with her and seeing how much fun she was having

* Many moments of laughter