The littlest McGaugh is seven months old tomorrow, and he is getting to be a big boy! He has changed rapidly this month: sitting, crawling, eating in the high chair, making a waving motion with his right hand when we come in the room, having a more distinct cry for “ma!”, and now…pulling up. Eric pulled up entirely on his own for the first time yesterday. He did it only once more by the end of yesterday, yet today he has pulled up in as many places as possible, it seems. It won’t be long before he is toddling around!

On Friday night when I was at my Toastmasters competition, Bill taught Eric how to climb our stairs (with ample spotting, of course). Now this is Eric’s most desired exercise, and we did a couple sets today. I think it is an effective exercise for his leg muscles, so I am game. Good thing we have baby gates to keep him from the stairs when we’re not available to spot.

He also has a fascination with climbing onto our stone hearth… Foam edging will arrive in the mail from Babies R Us this week.

Favorite toys: Gumby/Pokey, the three Sing-a-ma-Jigs, the black and white ball, his rattle, Raggedy Andy, his choo choo train, Alphabet Pal, and the “corn sorting” toy.

Favorite foods: applesauce, whole wheat cream of wheat, green beans, chicken and rice dinner, sweet potatoes

Favorite book: “Where is Baby’s Birthday Cake?” by Karen Katz. He loves the sparklies and the lift-the-flaps.

Favorite game: Gobble the baby, tickle the baby, fly the baby, dancing baby

He loves to go out on walks, and he loves to play with his sister. He thinks Katie is hilarious when she jumps around. Katie is the best big sister: she plays with him all the time, sings loving songs to him, and watches out for him when he is attempting to crawl somewhere undesirable.

Eric in the playroom with our farm truck, another toy he likes a bunch.

Sitting up and playing with the baby piano.

Ready to crawl up onto the wood floor. This little guy is pretty good at climbing places…he gets around!

Eric is pretty much continuously happy…except sometimes. He laughs and smiles so easily. In the morning when he wakes up, he doesn’t cry. He just makes happy noises and waits for me to come in. When he sees me, he gets the biggest smile anyone has ever given me. No matter how tired I am, his delight always makes part of my heart glad to be awake.

In this picture, we can see one of his teeth really well. He started to get his second tooth this week.

This one makes me laugh…he is coming toward the camera to eat it.

And a couple from just tonight, when he figured out how to pull himself up in his crib for the first time. He normally falls asleep fairly quickly when I put him down (he is a fairly scheduled baby), but tonight I heard a PAR-TY going on his room. Lots of giggles, sounds of self-satisfaction, and sheer delight. I peeped in, and had to turn on the light when I saw this:

And this:

He then proceeded to start gumming the rail…good thing Pottery Barn Kids makes them covered! He gums EVERYTHING! This was never an issue with Katie, who liked her pacifier most.

We love our little Eric so much! Our sweetheart boy.

Goodnight, Eric, and thank you for all the joy you bring to us everyday!