This post is short and oddly paradoxical, as it started out being a short paragraph about why I didn’t have time to write.

It has been a long day of caring for the newest and littlest member to be stricken with the McGaugh Family Stomach Bug. This has to be the weirdest virus (I guess I am assuming it to be a gastroenteritic virus, based on its presentation) I’ve ever seen. The first week, I was sick. The next week, to the day, Katie came down with it. This week, to the day, Eric presented symptoms. The incubation period must be longer than average—what would be the chances we would each contract a similar bug from three different sources? At least, Eric’s symptoms are confined to his, ahem, back end. Naturally, I am concerned about fluid loss, but he is still playful and giggly, albeit not too hungry though he did manage some milk and Pedialyte and rice cereal. The low grade fever is the same as Katie’s and mine, and it never goes very high. There are so signs of respiratory flu, no congestion or sore throat. All in the intestines, I guess…

The lucky thing is, we have a regularly scheduled pediatric appointment tomorrow morning. Dr. Camacho can check him over, though I know there isn’t really anything to do except wait it out. I thought he was better this afternoon, but no. At least going to the doctor will be reassuring.

The only tricky thing is that he is scheduled for his next round of vaccinations tomorrow. I am committed to being on pace with those, as we are big believers in vaccines in our family; however, I am hesitant because I want to be able to monitor Eric for reactions free and clear of whatever symptoms he is presenting with the stomach bug. Conversely, I want to be able to monitor his stomach bug without an additional variable in his system. I think I will have to schedule a nurse visit for next week. I hope our doctor agrees with this decision.

Okay, time to see if Katie is asleep. I think she is still awake, so more story time…and more playing with the iPad 2 photo booth app, which takes funny pictures. Katie and I find our squishy-faced pictures to be hilarious!