Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

In between hearing bad news from our refrigerator repairman and buying a new fridge from Lowe’s (to be delivered tomorrow), there was still time for festivity—and that’s what really matters. My dad came over to help with everything today, for which I am very thankful. Having an additional set of hands and someone experienced with life was extremely valuable, especially since I’ve never bought a fridge before (I’ve always used hand-me-downs).

We celebrated today by looking for four-leaf clovers in the yards. Lo and behold, we found evidence of leprechaun dust!!! (I had sprinkled rainbow glitter in various locations around the yard, mostly near the pond). Katie thought that was really neat! We also have been playing our St. Patrick’s Day playlist (up right now: “She’s Like a Rainbow” from The Rolling Stones).

Dad took us to Five Guys for lunch—my first time there! I see now why people claim it trumps In-N-Out. We don’t eat much fast food, just once in awhile, not even every month or anything. Katie had her very first soda—ever!!—today, a cherry Coke. (She is 3.5 years-old, not too bad)! Lunch was DELICIOUS! Something special for today, since our St. Patrick’s Day dinner is on hold right now. We’ll make our roasted green beans and shallots, broccoli soup, and filet mignon tomorrow—when we have a fridge to store leftovers properly.

Pre-school was also a bit on hold today, although while Eric napped in the morning I was able to start Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder with Katie this morning. We finished the first chapter, talking about the culture as we go. Katie seems to like it so far. There are some illustrations by Garth Williams every few pages or so, though much of it requires Katie to be present and imagine. We loved our reading experience together today. I am so fortunate to be the primary teacher of my kiddos. I love being with them so much and watching their reactions to new experiences.

So, a little of everything today. Not everything I planned, but in many ways just as good if not better. Joy is just being together, healthy and happy.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! May you all find (or create) your own magic for yourself and for those you love!