The night quickly marching on before me, with sleep to capture and a few more details to finalize on a photograph project, I have been dutifully pondering tonight’s blog topic.

And pondering.

Nada. Writer’s block. Nothing.

My sprained/broken/wrenched little toe?  Too whiny.

The insurance/medical related frustration? Too negative.

More about reading Little House in the Big Woods? Too repetitive.

Why this blog is hard to write tonight? Too much of a cop-out. Um, whoops, too late…

I asked my daughter what to write about, and she replied, “You can write about me! Why I am sweet! And what kind of books I like!”

My husband suggested I write a meta-blog on how difficult it is to write a daily blog. (I guess I kind of went with his idea).

My son is sleeping. Smart boy. Should be what I am doing.

Good night everyone!