By serendipity:


Katie June McGaugh, May 23, 2008. Watching the rain from Amie and Boppa’s dining room window.


Eric William McGaugh, March 25, 2011. Watching the drizzle from Amie and Boppa’s dining room window.

And a wave. He has been greeting us with a wave and often a “huuuuuuhi” to go with it. First word?

Although I am not above planning similar sister-brother photographs (I made a whole 2011 calendar to give at Christmas by taking shots of Eric that evoked some of Katie’s classics and juxtaposing them), this photo opportunity today was completely coincidental. By chance alone, they were both dressed in jeans and yellow tops, and by chance it was a drizzly day. They are almost the same age here, actually. Once I saw Eric pulling up to look out the window today, I remembered the picture of Katie (always one of my favorites from May 2008) and ran to grab my camera.

Sister and brother, forever.