A mid-week movie night with Amie and Boppa at our house? With decorations and thematic food and a princess dress? Why not? Life is too short, right? And meant to be FUN!

Katie and I were extremely excited for our pre-order of Tangled to hit the Disney Store yesterday. Readers who have been with us since my previous blog will remember that Katie and I had a special girls’ date to see Tangled in the movie theater—Katie’s first movie theater experience—back when it came out in November. We couldn’t WAIT for it to be released on blu-ray, because it is kind of “our thing” now. Good feelings all around.

So of course we planned an event to celebrate! Katie helped me to determine tonight’s menu: angel hair pasta with lemon, olive oil, and romano cheese (to represent Rapunzel’s hair!); chicken schnitzel cooked in a frying pan (to represent Rapunzel’s weapon of choice in this movie); and île flottante…

The term île flottante means “floating island.” It is a very old-timey type of French nursery dessert (yes, I gave Eric some—yummy!), and we picked it to represent the floating lanterns that feature importantly in the movie. Katie and I (and Eric in parts) spent two days making this dessert, and it was worth every second. We made a caramel, and with some of the caramel, we then made an almond praline. Before Toastmasters yesterday, we made our creme anglaise. It took some time, and I showed Katie how to temper the eggs with the scalded cream. She thought the process was fascinating—a perfect moment to discuss science and also classic cooking technique—and exclaimed several times, “This is fun!” Today we made meringues (the islands) and put it all together after dinner.  The creme anglaise goes in the bowl first, followed by the islands. On top: a little cracked praline and drizzles of caramel. Oh, so delicious and sweet!

We also made some paper lanterns this afternoon to decorate our family room (where we watched our movie):

Katie got to practice her cutting (getting pretty good at straight lines now!) and of course her GLITTERING! I would say glittering was the best part!

We also managed to finish the last chapter of Little House in the Big Woods today. I know, I know. Last chapters of good books… But we took consolation in the fact that there are many more in the series. I think we will spend a week doing some wrap-up activities with this book and then move on to the the next one.

Nighty night!