Ever since deciding to shift my focus from daily blogging back toward my husband, children, and home at night, I have found that days and nights pass all too quickly without an update.  Thank you for being patient, friends! Our Spring so far has been delightfully full of family, friends, costumes, delicious food, Bill’s two weeks home from school, picnics in the yard, some shopping, and other happy moments. This week I have made more progress in catching up on our family scrapbook, and I have officially embarked upon the quilt I am making for Katie.

On Saturday, Bill drove us all into Los Angeles to see our long-time friends Rosa and Dan. Rosa has recently become pregnant, and I am filled with joy at being able to celebrate with her as she enjoys her second trimester. Rosa and I have been friends for nearly 17 years, and we each served as maid of honor/matron of honor at each others’ marriages. We like to joke that we first met in the principal’s office in high school—it’s true, we were there being told that we were going to skip the last two trimesters of 9th grade English and advance into 10th grade—and our friendship really solidified in Mr. Mapes’ P.E. class, where we further bonded with our friend Steve. I wish we had magic transporters to each others’ houses now. She has been an exceedingly understanding friend, drawing the best from me, understanding my hermity moments, dreaming with me. She is a no-drama person, like I am—one of the reasons, probably, that we’ve been lasting friends. I am lucky to have her in my life. I am so excited to find out the gender of Baby Camp in a few weeks!!! It is so hard to wait… !!

Joyful images from the past few days:

Eric enjoys he first sip (and a few more, besides) of strawberry milkshake during lunch with Rosa and Dan. Yup, he loved it!

Eric found Ronin the dog to be HILARIOUS! Eric was laughing so hard…

Visiting with the Camps

Katie put together her princess outfit…and then we went outside and “woke up” all the flowers with song.

And a few of Katie from today:

She normally prefers dresses, but today she chose her jeans and girly-girled them up with her own flair and style. It was totally her idea to add the green ribbon as a belt—and I LOVE IT! As soon as we put it on, I could see how it made the whole outfit! She picked out some sparkly pink sequined flip-flops to go with this outfit and her beads. I adore watching her style evolve.

Beautiful Katie in the sunlight.

Climbing a tree…

I am so excited for the rest of the week! My dad is Toastmaster tomorrow at our chapter, I think there may be an Easter Bunny visit later this week, and we get to visit Nana and some of our other friends on Saturday!

I hope everyone is having a week overflowing with goodness.