Today was one of those “charmed” days when the rhythm of life was just right. Not too fast, not too slow. Goldilocks style. For every one of these days, there are dozens more behind me in which I have struggled to finish my task list or sped the kiddos up from one activity to the next before they were ready. So I celebrate today, because the stars must have aligned. It was the kind of day where play and work seemed to fall naturally in balance, without my feeling like I was trying too hard. Isn’t that usually the case? When we let life unfold, let our hearts go, turn our energy homeward, let our minds relax…well, so often that is the key to discovering the balance already present in our lives.

Up before Katie, Eric and I cuddled a bit, had some milk, and then started making headway on our laundry. My hamper was totally full, and I also decided to do loads for the kiddos, too. Jumping on chores before breakfast always makes the to-do list feel more doable. Katie woke up, and we made breakfast together while listening to our new playlist and singing. The kiddos are getting more and more on the same breakfast schedule, which helps, because then we can all sit down together and really have a true “breakfast hour” instead of a “breakfast two hours.”

After breakfast, we practiced lacing with Katie’s sewing cards and we tidied up. I vacuumed while Katie played a bit on her own and while Eric followed me from place to place. It was cute—he would crawl over and sit right by me, whatever spot I was in. Katie offered to help Swiffer the floors—she was excited for it, in fact. Just like mommy. I let her take one of the Swiffers and I took the other. We had a delightful time together, talking and working away. My little helper…I am so grateful that helping with chores is in her heart.

We rewarded ourselves with an Easter craft (an wooden egg and bunny project). Eric then napped, and I finished cutting out the last of the squares from fabric for Katie’s blanket. She played with the extra fabric and some pins to make dresses for a couple of her dolls. I can’t wait to lay out the squares—hopefully tomorrow!!

In the afternoon, we decided to make madeleines with a lemon glaze. With Eric in the Bjorn carrier (have I mentioned enough how much I LOVE that product—it has been a godsend with Eric!) and Katie on the counter, we had fun baking together. Katie measured out all of the ingredients and was responsible for the mixing and for the buttering of the madeleine baking mold. Eric mainly liked feeling different ingredients and trying to taste them!

While the madeleines baked, we worked on a second Easter craft: felt eggs decorated with glued on felt shapes. It was pretty quick, like maybe only ten minutes worth of crafting. Yet with our first craft added in, I feel like we did manage to fit in some solid art time today. We then ate our madeleines, read books appropriate for both children, and then read some of Katie’s “big girl” books while Eric dozed.

Not every day grants us time balanced so smoothly, but today good fortune was with us and we were able to manage both work and play. I am always grateful for days like this one. Katie said many times how much she was enjoying the day. Thank you, Serendipity, for helping us make such fortunate discoveries today while looking no further than our own backyard.