With Little Man Eric on the move (and I mean, really, really on the move, nearly at the walking point and certainly at the falling down/climbing around point) and with the way life naturally cycles back and forth and around all things, I have not been blogging nearly as much as I think about blogging—right before my head hits the pillow!

Our lives are full of springtime right now: quilts and gardens and new recipes and play dates and the start of a new gymnastics session and our next Music Together semester. It always amazes me how much I love each season. “Fall is my FAVORITE!!” I have been known to exclaim in delight at the first sign of nip in the night air. Yet then there is the cozy wintertime of Christmas season. And here, in Spring, I feel ready to hug the world for all its sunshine and budding trees and bushes. Life seems to be a promise that there shall never be a shortage of things to wonder at, or to take delight in. Each season brings its own goodness.

This week has been spent in our yard and in our garden. Feeling soil beneath my fingernails. Feeling the contentment that arises from sun and breeze and physical labor joined to the preparing and sowing of the earth. Happy days. I let the yard and garden go a little fallow this late fall and early winter. We always have an Autumn planting of mums, but I let that go by this year. I resolved, though, that we would turn our yard back into a colorful, productive, relaxing, and enchanting haven for the Spring and Summer. Our aim is to go out in the sunshine daily, to find ways to make the landscape magic. To watch our herbs and vegetables and fruit grow. To have tan lines. To be filled with air and beauty.

We celebrated last night with a semi-impromptu family barbecue with my mom and dad. After a day working outside, the kiddos were excited when their grandparents came over. We served barbecued Wild Alaskan salmon and chicken with barbecue sauce, warm biscuits with freshly whipped honey butter, roasted asparagus, grilled sweet white corn, and lemon meringue tart. Springtime on the tongue.

Day One of gardening in the garden! Currently growing (well, presumably): zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, onions, strawberries, cantaloupe, jalapeno pepper, cilantro, parsley, mint, thyme, basil, sage, rosemary.

Digging a hole for more herbs

Beautiful gardener

I love this girl

Shortly before Project Mud Pie

Eric helps to plant the dwarf lemon tree

I love this boy

Hi, Mom!

Lemon meringue tart

Adding to the joy, our cousin Hannah came to visit us this afternoon. What a delight is her heart. My kiddos love her, and I love her. She is a peaceful, loving person and it was pleasant to share lunch with her and to sit out in the open air and play outside. What a gift to share time!

One of these days I am going to take up the metaphor of gardening as compared to the seeds we sow in our hearts and how it connects to looking for the weeds in our own hearts before trying to weed or tend the heart-garden of anyone else…. But I know that metaphor has been examined already. I only know for sure that, when we work the land we are reconnected to the fundamentals of life and existence, and it has been a welcome opportunity to think about my own heart-life.

Happy Spring, friends!