Many years ago, one of our wedding guests gave us a lemonade maker. My husband and I never located a card in the wrapping, and my meticulous Excel spreadsheet which kept track of all shower and wedding gifts and thank you notes forevermore has a blank next to “Lemonade Maker” where the giver’s name should be. There were a couple of possibilities as to a possible giver, yet no one can really ask that sort of thing because it might put a friend on the spot and because gifts are not to be expected or taken for granted. Of course, I have had many a moment wondering if the giver thinks to this day that I forgot to thank him or her. I may never know the solution to this mystery.

Yet how much we have loved and used this gift over the years! Every time I take it out, I always think of our wedding and marriage under lush oak trees and an arbor made with vines and roses and kumquats and lemons. I think of walking down a swath of rose petals, of the In-n-Out truck that served our reception meal, the galvanized buckets with toys and vintage candy, my brother playing our ceremony songs, Chet’s beautiful toast, dancing with Rosa and my cousins, my former students, my mom blowing bubbles….

One lemonade maker conjures a whole day. It has not one giver; now it represents all of the guests who shared time and celebrated with us. It represents a time in life, a lovely time.

Now I am using it with our daughter. I wonder if the giver imagined us using this gift with our children? Probably so. Wherever and whomever you are, Giver of the Lemonade Maker, thank you for the joy we have had using this gift.

We made lemonade, sun tea (uh-oh…holy moly…I just realized it is still outside!! And I am posting from bed), and Popsicles. Spring treats!

Also today….

Bill and our kiddos did laundry….

Eric seems to like hanging out in laundry baskets!

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