In bed at last. The carrots and apples have teeth marks; the lemonade cup is empty. Eggs wait in their hiding places. Easter baskets—two, for the first time—are ready for finding. The Easter Bunny has written his yearly letter, and placed it by the plate on the coffee table. The note Katie left for him has been tucked safely away in my hope chest, a gift from my Nana when I turned sixteen, and where I once kept linens, laces, and cookware as a dowery of sorts for when I married.

Writing the letter to Katie from the Easter Bunny this year was poignant, of course. I know she has been having her doubts about his existence lately. I sense from her that this might be the last year she will really believe. As I wrote her the letter from the Easter Bunny, I kept thinking, “What should be the last thing he tells her, when she still has a heart open to his magic? What can he tell her that will permeate her young self and last with her?”

In the end, he told her always to believe in the magic of her own self. And that he will always love her.

Today was a relaxing day, for the most part (right up until it was 8:45 PM and the white cake cupcakes still needed to be frosted with the strawberry me meringue buttercream—then I felt some pressure, I must say). It was a day of walking to the park this morning, having a happy phone conversation with my longtime friend Steve in the afternoon, and working on some fun projects around the house in between times.

Katie and I made handmade fettuccine this morning for our dinner—she’s a natural!

She is actually rolling it out by herself here. She hardly needed my assistance at all! I have such good memories of helping my mom roll out pasta when I was little. I am grateful for the chance to pass on these happy memories.

Fresh noodles are delicious! She felt special that she was big enough now to roll it, and that Eric was too little to help. Perks of being the eldest? She kept calling him “Little Chef” and “Baby Chef.”

Also, we had the chance to finish Katie’s blanket today! Just in time for Easter! This is the first blanket of any type I have made for my daughter, or for either of my children. Eric’s blanket is next. My brother and I have slept under several blankets handmade by my mom since we were babies—even now, I have one she made recently. I’ve missed out on a few of Katie’s years, but I am determined to give my children that feeling of sleeping under a mommy blanket.

Yay! She is sleeping wrapped in it right now. We cuddled under it together during our movie night tonight.

Okay, I’d better get to sleep! Tomorrow is a big, fun day!

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