Unbelievably, our little 8.5 month old boy is officially toddling! He has been working on walking unassisted the past several days, and he took his first chunk of steps yesterday on Easter…and then more steps and more steps, all afternoon and evening. Bill captured a couple of videos this evening while I was upstairs working on a project for one of my clients. I am glad we have some kind of evidence that I can watch again and again, because even I can hardly believe it—and I am his mother!

Here is another video that Bill took, and it also shows more walking. Not as much as the first video…but it is such a sweet father and son moment, that I just love watching it:

Pretty neat! Interestingly from a developmental perspective, Katie and Eric had been achieving milestones at identical ages (almost to the DAY) until now. Although they pulled up at the same age, Katie walked at 9.5 months—one month later than Eric. We wonder what accounts for this variance when everything else has been so precisely the same. Ah well, the adventure continues! Pretty soon they will be running all over the place, together!

Speaking of exercise, we took a long morning walk today down to the corner market for milk and eggs and Greek yogurt…and back the long way. I’ve been trying to be mindful of teaching Katie to exercise for long periods several times a week in addition to her gymnastics. She walked the whole time, and we were gone for over an hour. She got a little tired at the end, but she pushed through with plenty of water breaks. Amie and Boppa gave her a little make-up purse for Easter, and she wanted to carry it with her today—very sweet.

On our walk…

Growing up…

Finally, I am in the midst of deciding what to do about the hassock that goes with our “cozy chair” (P.S. If you are wondering, as I am, why I am calling it a hassock and not an ottoman, the go-to person on the hassock vs. ottoman debate turns out to be my husband—who knew?). A couple of weeks ago, I noticed it was worn through in the place where we rest our heels most often. So worn through, in fact, that we could see the stuffing and all of the sudden, the tear was quite vast in area—like the fabric had just finally had it. Hm. I love our cozy chair, one of the few pieces in the downstairs part of our house that I bought “new” and had covered. Since I am not teaching, we don’t want to use funds to recover both pieces right now, and besides that, I actually really like my chair the way it is.

I’ve been throwing a blanket over the hassock, but then I decided I might be able to use a spare piece of fabric to make a patch for it. I deliberately chose something that would stand out so that it would look like I meant it to be there. Commit or go home, right?

Anyway, I can’t decide if it is hokey, or what.  I am not in love with this solution, from the aesthetic point of view. I could try another color, maybe. On the other hand, what I do love about it is the pioneer spirit. It seems like something my Great-Grandmother Sarah Matics, (the original, who was the epitome of thriftiness) would have done. It works for now, I guess!

Well, bedtime for me!