Afternoon, and the going is peaceful, breezy, and fine. Our garden and potted plants continue to bud and bloom—and the enchantment seems limitless.

Bill introduced Katie, Eric, and me to original episodes of The Lone Ranger. Katie and I were humming William Tell Overture, and the next thing we knew we were involved in the origin story of the masked man. Eric has some sniffles today, but he seemed to watch some of it. What is it about little boys and rangers/cowboys/sheriffs that is just so cute? I started imagining Eric trick-or-treating as The Lone Ranger one day….

Katie and I had an opportunity to read several more chapters of On the Banks of Plum Creek this morning. She very much wishes to see a prairie, and she was very concerned about the impending blizzard. This has been the kind of book for her where she asks for “just one more chapter” at bedtime, and I am happy to oblige her. We both love the book and time cuddling and reading together. I love the values in the book, and I find Ma to be an inspiration: her unwavering faith in Pa and her family’s ability to survive even lean years, her work ethic, her encouragement of education, the way she never complains and keeps her focus on her family. It’s those farm values again. What a beautiful way of life to share with Katie and to remind us of how to prioritize our time according to value even in our modern lives.

For an easy afternoon of play, I made Katie her “potion tray” again. I’ve blogged about this before: it is an easy solution to those times when I notice her start to rifle through the pantry and spice drawer.

Today’s potion tray: glitter, rainbow sprinkles, raw sugar, a bullion cube, cloves, caraway seed, chives, mustard, peanut butter, a candy egg, jelly beans, a bay leaf.

She loves to mix and mix and mix “potions” and it is almost a no-mess activity done outside:

I do have a few dishes to do, but it gave me some time to play with Eric nearby and do our watering for the day. Plus, she had a blast!

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