Images from around our garden and home the past couple of days:

Katie and I made a bottle cap necklace, Eric explored the yard, and Katie has been helping Boppa with the shed. These have been days of chana masala and naan for dinner (Katie loved helping with all of the delicious spices and rolling out the naan), of finishing On the Banks of Plum Creek, of watching Eric walk more and more steadily and further distances, of running through the “waterpillar” attached to our hose in the middle of the lawn, of delights both big and small. Fixing dinner tonight with Eric on my hip and Bill in the cozy chair and Katie playing nearby, I looked around and was truly content. Eric also tried a graham cracker for the first time this week. He has been enjoying Cheerios, so the graham cracker wasn’t his first solid food—the way it was for Katie. Eric’s Great-Grandpa Don Matics had a graham cracker as his first solid food (this was recorded by Great-Great-Grandmother Sarah Matics (my namesake, a UCLA grad,  and also a teacher before having children) in my grandpa’s baby book long ago.

I’d better wrap this up and get to bed. Good night, friends!