Yesterday I enjoyed my girls’ date with my daughter Katie, and today we continued our celebration with a late brunch at Cedar Creek Inn in Brea. After feasting on eggs Benedict and part of Katie’s Monte Cristo sandwich, we went all went to Nana’s house to play and visit a bit longer.

My firstborn, lovely Katherine.

We have shared four Mother’s Days together since she was born. I love this girl so much!

Happy 1st Mother’s Day, Little Eric!

My babies (one of whom is very animated in this picture)!

Three generations: my mom, my kiddos, and I are all together on Mother’s Day.

Amie and her grandchildren

Bill, our children, and I sit together on Mother’s Day.

Eric and Nana play together.

Four generations (and my beloved Aunt Debbie, too!) on Mother’s Day 2011. We are fortunate beyond measure.

Playing at Nana’s piano. Oh, how many memories I have of playing this same piano with my Uncle Eric and cousin Jed when I was not much older than Katie is.

Now my children sit and make music there…

We are all connected through space and time…

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!