As part of his thoughtful Mother’s Day gift, Bill took today off from work so that I could have my special date with our Eric. Adding to the goodness, Bill and Katie had their first father-daughter date (usually it is all of us)! Bill planned for them to see Rio in 3-D, and I think they both had a great time (even though Katie seems to be trying to fight off  something she picked up this weekend). What a memorable day for the two of them, as well! I love that they have that memory together.

For my date with Eric, we decided to have an at-home picnic and playtime in the backyard. We blew bubbles, practiced walking, had a snack of Cheerios, rolled our ball, sang and swung in the hammock, explored the dirt, and wished on a dandelion. We did come inside for a bit, to play the drums and tambourine, build block stacks and knock them down, play “fly-the-baby” and “tickle-the-baby” and “chase-the-baby” and share a little sundried tomato pesto. The sweetest moment was when we came up to the playroom for a moment and he tried to show me how to play a game that he and Katie play (tug-of-war, always supervised!). He was amused at my attempts, but I could tell that he really wanted his sister to play with. He always laughs so hard when they play together. Sweet little babies.

Our date begins! There are bubbles around Eric as he holds his ball.

Eric’s turn for the bubbles!

He wanted to eat the wand. When I would gently tug it away and go “nom-nom-nom” he would burst into giggles.

He loves to put his forehead against other people’s foreheads. He started that with Amie awhile ago. He is a connector, a soulful little fellow.

I was singing, and he was busting out the dance moves here.

We played peek-a-boo! He is magic.

Taking a walk around the yard.

I love you, Little Eric. Thank you for our date! Happy 1st Mother’s Day to my sweet boy.