Late afternoon at Amie and Boppa’s house:

Eric investigates the flourishing cabbage.

Katie, my Nature Girl, in her element.

Walking between garden boxes… Katie and Boppa are naming new goldfish in the background. On the walk home (we live just down the street), she shared a few of her name selections: Pearl, Snow, Poe, Grain of Wheat, Flower, Crystal, Lavender, and Ta.

Tire swing…

Walking in the grass…

My sweet boy… He looks so much like his daddy, my beloved Bill.

Now 9 months, Eric is reaching milestones by leaps and bounds, which means time is passing way too fast. He spent most of the day upright and walking, and he loves to be chased after in this fashion. His newest phrase is, “Is that Is that?” This he asks all the time. I’ve often pointed to objects and asked him, “What is that, Eric?” and then answered my own question, so he must be patterning this. He also like to look out the window, or be outside, and say, “Ow-sigh, ow-sigh!” We think we might have heard his first uses of “Yes” also, but we’re not sure. We usually wait to hear a new word from him a couple dozen times before logging it for sure.

A few days ago, he began initiating the game of Peekaboo, always a favorite. He is so cute as he pulls the blanket over his face, waits for me to say, “Where’s Eric?” and then pulls it off of him. He cracks himself up playing this game! He loves to giggle. Even more fascinating is watching Katie and Eric play together: they have invented a game that uses a ribbon, pulled between the two of them. The rules of the game are definitely implicit between them, and I have been studying how they communicate about it. There is laughter and laughter between them. Eric tried to get me to play it the other day, and I tried to copy Katie’s role but I could tell it wasn’t the same for him.

Today we had gymnastics until lunchtime, and we came home, ate, and then snacked on crisp sweet watermelon wedges outside, barefooted and watching butterflies.


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