It is fair to say that, with Eric walking around and his tendency to bring everything up to his mouth, Katie has more of an adjustment to make now to having a younger sibling than she did when he was first born. He bears a tremendous amount of watching, and when he is awake my attention is never fully on her. She takes this well, most of the time. Some days, though, she feels the lack, and her little baby heart craves and craves.

When Eric naps, she knows it is our special time. We read and read, lately cuddling up in her bed, and we’re almost done with our third “Laura book.” It helps her to be able to anticipate time that she knows is hers. I often tell her, ” I love Eric and I love to spend time with him, and I also love our special alone time together.” You can almost feel her contentment burst out of her skin. Eric naps twice a day, and at least one of those times is all hers. During periods in which she is really feeling the need, both of his naps are hers.

This morning we read several chapters in our book, cuddled up in our blankets. After I returned from a coffee meeting with one of my clients, and after we played outside a bit, I put Eric down and told her that we could do anything she wanted together. Read Laura? Go outside? Make a craft? Puzzles? Build more on our ongoing block “rainbow palace?”

This is what she chose:

Katie has been fascinated for the past few months with making and designing clothes (often out of ribbons, which she will wrap around her body or her dolls) and she talks often of sewing. She asked today to get out some of our scrap fabric from our quilts and that we spend Eric’s nap sewing.

I threaded a needle for her (the largest I have), and I let her stitch. I showed her how to hold the fabric, and she really worked at it. She managed the needle and never poked herself. She kept saying how much fun it was to sew together.

She wanted to make skirts for her dolls. She chose the fabric and the design (we talked about A-line skirts), and I cut them out and hand stitched them quickly. She wanted to make one of the a “minky rebozo” (she prefers the Spanish word for shawl), so we cut that out and draped it around Snow White.

When Bill came home, we were just about to make the second skirt, and she explained to him what we were doing: “I should really like to make a lovely A-line skirt!” Obviously she gets her Victorian-era verbal expression gene from me. 🙂

I think someone might be getting a little sewing box of her own for her birthday this coming October.

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