It was a Venti type of morning, probably because I stayed up way too late last night to finish cutting all the fabric for Eric’s blanket and watching my favorite go home on American Idol. Then I happened to wake up in the middle of the night last night, my mind wanting to work out the kinks in my Toastmaster’s speech in a couple of weeks. I hope tonight is more restful!

Though sluggish at the start, I am grateful for all that we experienced today. A long time ago, about three weeks into having newborn Katie and coming to the full understanding that my life (and its patterns of sleeping, luxury time, going out alone, etc.) really was no longer just my own and never would be again, I remember standing in my kitchen and having an epiphany. I could be tired all the time, in my slouchy sweatpants and leaving my hair and make-up undone, housebound searching for a nap and missing out—or I could suck it up, try my best to look groomed, cute, and appealing to my husband, find my source of energy in gratitude and optimism, and go full steam ahead to experience all the possible beauties of life with my daughter.  A night with four hours of sleep? Might as well be tired and doing something FUN than tired and whining about it and missing out, I figured. There is always a reason to be tired; yet there is always a reason to be grateful, too.

So everyday I keep my thoughts centered on all there was to appreciate. I like to write my “gratitudes” down, either on this blog, which will one day be for my children, or in my journal. Today I am back to this fundamental. It carries a person forward until, just like my speech, the kinks straighten out.

We were grateful for a fun Music Together class this morning. We adore Ms. Kara. Eric is engaging in class much more, and I have loved watching all the children grow over the past year and a half. He was fascinated by Talon, one of the only little boys in the class and Katie’s age, today. During instrument time, Eric walked over to Talon and started banging on the drum with him. Talon, one of the most polite boys I’ve met (his parents are raising him well), was generous of spirit with my 9 month old and they played on the drum together. Talon gently patted Eric and said, “Good job. Good boy.” After instrument time, Talon came over to Eric again and said, “Good job. Keep doing your music!” What a sweet boy.

After class, a group of us from class went to one of the Fallbrook parks for a playdate. I loved visiting with the moms (and a dad!) and taking turns playing with all of the children. I am so thankful Katie is getting to know them and that they are growing together in class. What a nice group of people, both parents and children. I am grateful for the developing friendships. Sweet little Sienna was so kind to Eric, wanting to play with him on the slide and showing him how to climb up the play structure. Katie and Sadie and Talon played chase with Olivia. And Eric liked rolling his ball with Megan and smiling at Nora. We sure lucked out with our class, which happened serendipitously to start. We had been signed up for a more local class that got canceled, and my friend Gina from all the way across the country happened to mention to me on Facebook about looking instead for a Music Together class. We found two, and Kara called us back first and I instantly liked her on the phone. We are so fortunate we ended up with our particular group.

Other delights today:

* Listening to Neil Young’s Harvest Moon album for the kiddos’ bathtime soundtrack (Neil Young always puts me in a contented place);

* Finally uploading photos to my digital photo frame (a present in December) and clearing a place for it

* Katie playing with Amie, and Eric waving from his window to Boppa working down below on the shed

* Two new Netflix

*A really pleasant customer service rep at the local Toyota dealer (we ended up sharing a moment of laughter) when I made an appointment for a second recall issue (as much as I really dislike the phone in general, one thing I do love is when I connect with a stranger and we are able to be “real” to one another in a joyful way, versus more formal—like a moment of breaking down walls)

* A beautiful afternoon breeze

We don’t always get to pick the good and bad that happen in our lives, but I think we get some of the luxury of interpretation. So we keep forward looking, pick out what to celebrate and hopefully what to let go. The day is almost done, and to paraphrase one of my favorite Trace Adkins’ songs, someday I am going to want exactly this moment right back and not wish it had passed so quickly. At least by writing down the good, I am able to keep part of this day alive forever.