There always seems to be something fun happening in Temecula! Our local blueberry patch opened for picking last Wednesday, and this weekend is the annual “Western Days” in Old Town. So much to do, see, feel, and experience to let our imaginations soar!

Ready for our first blueberry picking of the season! I am so excited that blueberry season is here! I was not a fan at all of the fruit until I first picked them at Temecula Blueberry Company four years ago. In fact, I still don’t eat them much of the year because I find most blueberries in the store do not taste the same to me. So these next months are blueberry days and recipes and eating for us!

A beautiful morning at the farm. Birds were chirping, a cool breeze eased our work, and we could hear the vastness and wildlife around us. One of the reasons I adore Temecula is that we have urban areas to play and work in, and yet there are still rural parts to which to retreat.

Katie was an awesome picker this year! She filled her bucket! This is her fourth year at the patch; our first pick her was when she was seven months old. Returning each year reminds me so much of her infant days, and it has a special feel to me for that reason.

The crop looks really good this year! This land is a place of serenity and meditation.

Eric was able to pick some berries, too. Last year, I came while he was growing in my womb; this year, he is here. Life is so magical sometimes. I also cannot believe that a whole year has passed. I remember so clearly the feel of being pregnant with him, picking in the berry patch. Now I can hold him and kiss him and smell his delicious neck and hair.

His nimble fingers liked this activity!

Sweet boy, looking at the berry he plunked in our bucket.

Next up: Western Days in Old Town Temecula. Katie and I were especially excited about Western Days this year, in part because so much of it fits in well with some of our Laura Ingalls Wilder reading and The Lone Ranger and parts of old west history we’ve been discussing.

Amie and Katie wait by the sheriff for the gunfight at The Bank. The gunfighters were reenacting the old shootout at the original Temecula bank. We have such a history in this city, and it is so much fun to share with children.

Outlaws and onlookers at The Bank.

Eric watches another skit at another venue. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I think it is funny that I happened to catch a “dead” cowboy in this frame, too. Cheery, I know. 😉 Both Katie and Eric were interested in the skits, yet Katie in particular begged to stay longer and keep watching.

A stagecoach! This was modeled on the original Butterfield Stagecoach that helped to carry mail to old Temecula.

Katie and I took a stagecoach ride. We elected to sit inside of it (instead of on top), so I propped her a little out of the window so she could see the horses. She was smiling and excited the entire ride. We talked about hearing and feeling the clip-clop of the horses. She loved it.

It turns out that I knew a couple of the gunfighters from teaching, so I had fun catching up with them and watching them perform. I have a little bit of an urge to join up… How much fun to dress up in period costumes and write and put on skits of another era!

We ate lunch at Rosa’s Cantina, and one of the “robbers” came in for lunch. To Katie, he really was a robber—standing in line in front of us for the bathroom. I explained that I knew him from school and that he was just pretending.  A good guy also came in… I was fascinated by how real the roles seemed to her. She expressed in the car on the way home that she was glad her jewelry was at home, and that if any robbers came and took it, she was going “…to walk downtown and get the sheriff to make them give it back.” That sounds like a fine plan, to me! Although I also reassured her that none of the robbers know where we live…

I love days that activate the imagination! Summertime is grand in Temecula!