These have been the days of By the Shores of Silver Lake, working on (and finishing) Eric’s blanket, making a fairy terrarium with Katie (with plants designed to attract fairies—imagination play fun!), handmade angel hair dressed simply with lemon and butter and Romano cheese, roasted asparagus, blueberry picking, baking Prince William’s biscuit cake with my mom and kiddos, a John Wayne movie, and a thousand other happy little moments like waking up briefly to the morning rain, greeting the morning with my children, working on our Lego castle, and more.

Today Eric took a loooooooooong nap, and I had time to finish his quilt:


It is difficult to tell from the picture, but several of the prints are cowboy-themed. The quilt store in Old Town Temecula has some fabrics grouped by decade (or, at least, the decade on which the aesthetic of the fabric is modeled). I tried to choose 50s types of prints for both of the kiddos’ quilts.

Holding up the quilt. When Eric first saw it, he snuggled right into it.

I had several scraps of muslin left over from the backing of the quilt. Katie and I love old-fashioned things, and we have read a few times about how Ma Ingalls would curl Laura’s hair with rags. We have a birthday party for our cousin tomorrow, so what better time to make hair extra fancy and special?Instead of using the curling iron tomorrow, we decided to opt for a slower experiment, savoring the time it took. Lingering is an important part of joy, I believe. Likewise, novelty is an important part of developing brain connections in children.

We took the extra muslin, and I cut the muslin into strips.

We wet her hair, and soon we had a head full of rag curls!

She really loved this. Every minute of it captivated her imagination.

Like Little House in the Big Woods the night before Laura and Mary see town for the first time…

We’ll see if this works, yes? What fun!