My cousin Jed and I are so fortunate to have had our children each within a few months of each other. Our girls are nearly the same age, and so are our boys. I want so much for our children to be connected the way we were growing up and to keep the family legacy of cousins-like-siblings if we can. All week Katie looked forward to seeing Violet and she asked each morning if it was time for the party yet. This morning she woke up and asked, “What day is it today?”

When I said, “It’s the day of Violet’s birthday!” Katie exclaimed and smiled ear to ear.

I wish we all lived so much closer together than we do…

I have about a trillion pictures (and yes, that is a precise count), but here are just a few highlights:

Eric liked wearing his party hat!

The girls had fun jumping on Violet’s bed!

Lovely cousins in the fort

My brother and sister-in-law

Eric’s favorite party activity: he wanted to slide over and over and over again!

Grandmothers and granddaughters

The kiddos during present time

Katie made the wrapping paper, and we made the violet gift tag (the violet for Violet) together.

Having lunch! Katie got to take home her princess plate, bowl, and cup and wanted her dinner served in them. The day meant so much to her! We love our cousins. I wish we were all neighbors somehow!

Happy birthday, Violet!