Knowing that we planned to go blueberry picking today, and full of eagerness in her big heart, Katie asked Bill to come join in the delight of the blueberry farm today. As soon as we were awake this morning, she was excited. Katie LOOOOOOOOVES blueberry picking. She started explaining to her daddy how to pick the berries, which colors to look for, etc. She wanted so much to share this with him, to share the magic. I didn’t know she was going to ask him to come with us, and I could see how much it meant to her. Although blueberry picking is not high up on Bill’s list of potential hobbies, he very sweetly agreed to come this afternoon. I am really glad he did. At least three times amid the berries, Katie exclaimed, “I am so glad Daddy came with us!!!”

At the start of our picking…

We let Eric test out his shoes today (he usually walks barefoot) and gave him some freedom around the farm.

“Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.” (William Wordsworth)

Eric really seemed to understand what we were doing. I taught him to pick the blue blueberries. He was very good at this. The only part he didn’t abide was putting them into the bucket! He rolled more than a few up into his mouth (we try not to do that, knowing we need to pay for them) with his nimble and quick little fingers. He learned fast that this was a way to gather food!

Bill and our kiddos

Bill searches for a berry…

…and he finds one. Good job, honey! 😉

Eric William, reaching to pick a berry. His little fingers loved this!

Big red tractor…fresh clear blue sky…farmland…breeze…family. What more do we need in this moment?

Bill, my mom, and Katie pick berries…

Katie helps her daddy fill his bucket.

Summer tradition and memory

Eric and I look for more blueberries.