I’ve been collecting dress up clothes for a few years for Katie, yet it hasn’t been until the past few months that she is showing more of an interest in dressing up, styling herself, making clothes for her dolls, playing with ribbons and jewelry, and taking an interest in fashion. With the cleaning of my closet yesterday (see yesterday’s post), we had several additions to the dress up box—a big blue bin we keep in her closet. We set aside time today to play dress up as our special Mommy-Katie time while Eric took a long nap.We pinned, tied, and styled her in each dress—I think she really could play this all day! I had so much fun with her, too!

Here are a few of her creations in my dresses (though we had MANY more, as we spent a couple of hours playing this), along with a picture of me in the dress.

1. The High School Dress

This is a picture of me on the first day of high school (1994) in one of my favorite dresses ever.

Katie thought this dress made a good twirly dress.

2. The Red Christmas Dress

I initially got this dress for Christmas Eve at The Ritz with Grandma and Grandpa Yoder back in December of 1995. I was only 15 years old here, and I LOVED this dress. I felt grown up and really beautiful as a young woman for the first time.

Throughout high school, I wore this dress to two different dances (homecoming and a winter formal), and also to the senior awards night (pictured above with Emily, Marguerite, and Steve). Have I mentioned how much I absolutely LOVED this dress?

Katie is the Lady in Red…with my Senior Prom shoes! (We’re saving the senior prom dress for another day, and I don’t have my junior prom dress anymore).

3. The Othello Dress

I wore this dress for the first time to see the Verdi’s Othello with my Uncle Eric and my Uncle Kevin in 1995. The front is simple and demure, but the back is a fine dark blue sheer mesh.

I used it again during my sophomore year in college for and spring formal at Half Moon Bay with my Chi Omega sisters (Pearl, Vanessa, and Samantha).

Today Katie styled it with a fringe belt. I think it gives it a little something more regal. She called herself “The Queen” in this dress. She loved the swishing sound it made when she moved her feet.

4. The Cruisin’ Dress

I took this dress (a strappy number with a wrap blouse around it) on a family cruise. There are better pictures of it, but this is the one I could find readily. My cousin Meredith and I are taking ourselves and our dresses down some kind of conga line. Wahooo!

Clearly, a star is born.

5. The Award Dress

I was one of the Riverside County Scholars for our high school in 1998. My friends also earned awards. Mostly I remember this night for being the start of the infamous elf joke.

Katie put this one one and exclaimed, “It’s my Judy Garland dress!” Yes, Judy Garland. A girl after my own heart…

6. The Romantic Blouse

I adored this blouse when I first graduated from college and started my teaching credential, 2003-2004. This is one of my all-time favorite peasant blouses, and it just made it to the dress up box yesterday. Even though it fits, I am just not in this phase of life anymore. Sigh.

But Katie likes it!

7. The Honeymoon Dress

I bought this dress for our romantic dinner during our honeymoon in 2006. I love this dress and all of its memories. I later wore it in Las Vegas for a Cirque show. Other than that, even though it fits, it doesn’t have too many appropriate daily uses around town. In the meantime, Katie can have fun playing with it.

Regal looking Miss Katie!

8. Bridesmaid Dress #1

My cousin Bethany chose these gossamer celadon dresses for her December marriage to Marshall in 2005. All of my girl cousins on my dad’s side are pictured here.

Katie was the “Princess of the Ice” in this dress.

I have another bridesmaid’s dress in the box for her, too! Fun!

9. The Renaissance Dress

My mom made this costume (go, Mom!) when I was in 7th grade for the annual TMS Renaissance Faire. I danced the maypole dance in this dress. It has come in handy at other times, as well.

Katie felt like Wonder Woman when we put on the belt. She asked, “Where is my magic lasso?”

10. The High School Graduation Dress

Somewhere there is a picture that shows just the dress without the gown, but I haven’t found it yet today. You can see the fabric peeking out below the gown.

I chose this dress at the time to correspond to the dress I wore on the first day of high school, reasoning that they were alike but that this was a more mature version. Yes, I am truly freaky with my clothes and sentimentality like that. I love to bookend and correlate things as symbols.

11. The Red and Black Party Dress

It was love at first sight when I saw this dress, and I bought it a couple years before I even knew when I would be wearing it. The only time I have ever done something like that… It is red with a black lace overlay and a big black flower at the waist. Oh, how I love this dress! The first time I wore it was to my cousin Jed and his wife Fon’s wedding in October 2006.

Katie exclaimed, “It’s high fashion!” Yes, those are her words.

There are several other favorite dresses in the dress up box not pictured today. Fun, fun, fun!


I bought this skirt (wrapped around Katie to be a dress) in Haight-Ashbury right before graduation.  Iconic San Francisco and music scene. She also has on shoes I purchased at some point in China Town. The pretend veil is from my bachelorette night with Rosa.

I loved to dress up when I was Katie’s age, and I used to dress up in Nana’s clothes, hats, shoes, and jewelry from the 1950s all the time. Those are great memories. I love that my little girl is enjoying it, too!

Dressed up at Nana’s, probably 1982 or 1983

More dress up time at Nana’s, 1982 or 1983

After girly girly mother-daughter time today, I also got to spend one-on-one time with Eric while Katie went for a walk with Amie. Eric and I played outside with the hose, smelled the different herbs in the garden, looked at the petals of marigolds, played with a ball, and investigated the outdoors in general. I cherish days in which I can spend very focused one-on-one time with each of my children and really pour attention into and onto them. I love playing with them both together, yet it is also so important to take them aside separately, too. Very nice day for all of us!