About a week or so ago, my mom read about the annual Fairy Festival held in Encinitas at the San Diego Botanical Garden. Since this is the month of Midsummer’s Eve and all things fairy, and since we love a celebration, my mom and I took Katie and Eric to the festival—or, as one father described it, a “fairy convention” comprised of hundreds of little girls running about in fairy wings (and the occasional little boy, including Mr. Eric). Some of us big girls wore our fairy wings, too, for much of the day. 😉

There were about a dozen craft stations set up, and we could walk about and choose which crafts to enjoy. Katie made a flower fairy, a pod fairy queen, a fairy hut, and potpourri in a magic satchel. We met the Fairy Queen, wandered through a magical fairy garden, played a bit in a stream, and climbed around and under a magical tree house. Katie was able to pet a beautiful blue macaw named Sky.

Meeting the Fairy Queen, who handed out flowers to all the children who came to see her.

Katie and I at the top of the tree house, after crossing a rope bridge.

Amie and Katie looking for parts to build the fairy hut.

Katie in the shade of the big tree roots

The finished fairy hut!

Mr. Eric, named Sunshine Fairy for his bright yellow shirt, holds Katie’s wings.

“Yay, they finally let me out of the stroller for a bit!”

Working with Katie on one of the crafts.

Definitely an event to keep on my radar for next year. It was well run and very organized, had some great folksy live music, and was abuzz with magic and delight.