Katie and Eric had their last music class of the year this past Friday. It doesn’t seem too long ago that Katie and I had her first class shortly before she turned two years old. Eric has been attending ever since he was a newborn, and now he is a toddler. I know that many many years from now I will look back on our music class days with fondness and yearning. It has been a special time for all of us, we’ve met beautiful people and friends, it has brought so many fun songs into our home—some songs are now part of our daily lives. Music has always had the power to evoke time periods for me: I can imagine being sixty years old and listening to these songs and remembering this precious time with my children when they were young.

Thank you for another amazing year, Kara. We absolutely adore our music teacher, and I often think about what an important role she is serving: she has been the first teacher, outside of myself and Bill and my parents, that my children have ever had. Her class is helping us to set guidelines for how we act when we are learning, how to treat authority figures, how to trust and look up to another adult. She is a wonderful, patient, enthusiastic teacher. She holds a special place in my eyes and in the eyes of my children.

Making music with sticks

Sister and brother learn together…

Time to put away the sticks

Katie and Eric

Most of these pictures capture just one of the twelve songs we worked on last Friday, but class is usually so dynamic and so based on parent participation that I have a hard time finding a good moment to snag a picture!

We enjoyed thirty weeks of music class this year and covered Flute, Sticks, and Maracas. Excited for next year already!