This afternoon we drove out to our friend Sana’s house for a playdate with her friendly and welcoming children Cameron, Ella, and Quentin. Katie had so much fun playing with Ella in their art room, and Eric and I enjoyed a dip in the pool. Sana served a lunch that tasted totally of summer: a cilantro, onion, and tomato salad dressed with oil, lemon, and salt; rice and beans; goat cheese; orange iced tea with honey; a hearty wheat baguette; and fruit GALORE! Plus yogurt and fruit popsicles for the kiddos… I love cilantro but have never had it that way, and I loved it! Maybe now the cilantro in my garden will get more use. It is wonderful—one of life’s true pleasures—to feed and nourish the body in the right way.

What a pleasant way to relish the afternoon. Who doesn’t love, and thrive on, good friendship, conversation, laughter, sunlight, and a tasty lunch? It inspires me to want to reach out and nurture other budding friendships with some of the people I’ve been lucky to meet since Katie was born. Those connections are such gifts; friendships give life such joy.

Here are a few other happy moments recently:

Eric’s first time in a pool!

Happy Katie after her swim the other day

In the pool with Mommy

Happy splashing boy!

Eric plays in the pool with Boppa.

A few days ago we were getting dressed in the morning, and I came across Katie playing in the bathroom. She had gotten out the baby tub and was filling it up with water the way I used to do for Eric. She was pretending to be a mommy to her favorite stuffed animal, and she was mimicking what she has seen me do. Cuteness!

Filling the tub…

Then she plunked Lisa into the bath, full submersion. Well, that’s what dryers are for, right?

On her own, she decided to clean out Lisa’s ears with a baby q-tip. She is a great mommy!