Happy birthday to my Oneness!

We celebrated with Bill’s brothers and sisters-in-law. There are always track meets on at this time of year, and Bill and his brothers are big track and field fans. So we set up the party for the family room, so that we could have today’s meet on. Katie helped me to hang the “Happy Birthday” banner on the fireplace, and we had an easy lunch of sandwiches, potato salad, grapes, and chips. Bill, who is doing so well on his weight loss quest, requested a lighter dessert of an angel food cake with fresh strawberries, a touch of whipped cream, and a drizzling of chocolate.


Eric and Uncle Pat

Katie showed Uncle Chet all of her favorite toys

Katie adores her Uncle Chet. She has talked about seeing him and has counted down the days to Bill’s party. He was all she could talk about this morning, and she watched the window for their car. They played together almost all day…she wanted to sit by him for every part of the meal, they read together, she showed him the shed in the backyard, took him to her room, wanted to serve him his cake. I see such a sweet love between the two of them. I am hoping we get to go birding with him soon—that is an area of expertise for him—and Katie has been asking since he left when we will get to see him again.

A present: The Beginning of Infinity!

Katie’s present to Daddy: she drew a grey sun in the middle and planets orbiting around it. She came up with that idea on her own. She loves outer space. The writing in green is meant to say, “Happy birthday Daddy. I love you.”

Making a wish!

Opening presents

Eric really laughed and smiled at Uncle Seth. They did quite a bit of drumming together.

Drumming with Uncle Seth

Opening presents

Showing Uncle Chet her cake hands


Bill opens more presents

What a fun time with family this afternoon! Love you guys!