Waking up, I found yet another Emerson prompt in my inbox. Suspicious now, I went to the Facebook group created for this project. It turns out, I wasn’t off count—everyone was talking in surprise about receiving prompt #31, and now prompt #32. Thus dawned the day of the indefinite project, which was supposed to end with prompt #30. Part of me was tempted to keep going, but I have other passions to pursue. With the flip of the calendar to July 1st, I will now consider myself done with the Emerson project and my 30-day goal completed even if it continues.

Besides, today was the birthday of one of my favorite people—my dad! We were excited all day for his birthday party, one of my favorite times of the summer. What a beautiful way to start July, too. My mom always makes the most delicious meals for his birthday. This year she made ribs, a French potato salad with a vinaigrette and fresh herbs, wheat rolls, boiled summer corn, and apple pie a la mode. I absolutely LOVE ribs, but I really don’t ever buy them for myself because they are pricey. Oh, what a treat tonight! My mom’s ribs always come out perfectly tender near the bone but crispy and luscious on top. Eric loved the potato salad, fresh and light with dill. Katie helped to clear the table, and we all loved playing “Ring Around the Rosie” outside. It was magical—with Boppa’s rain fountain he has made and the twinkling white lights strung around the patio cover. So summery… such special family time. My dad deserves such magic, I think. And what a way to kick off a fun month!

Katie, Eric, and I are ready for Boppa’s birthday party!

Summer afternoons and evenings are delightful

My beautiful Katie-girl

Skipping happily to Amie and Boppa’s house, just around the corner and a couple streets down

Running to give Boppa and hug and SO EXCITED to see him!

Boppa’s first present, a yellow flower from Katie

Eric adores his Boppa—you can see it in his eyes and smile here. They are best buddies.

Katie helps Amie in the kitchen

Playing with the “hammer balls”

Eric and his big boy sippy

Dinner begins

Helping Boppa to open his presents

A present from us

Katie (and I) painted four little birdhouses (Boppa loves birds) for my parents’ yard. Katie calls them “fairy houses”—very sweet!

Happy birthday to my dad, who is very loved and appreciated. I think I got very lucky when they handed out dads! We love you!