This past weekend we celebrated two birthdays for two uncles! Uncle Chet’s birthday party was on July 8th, and Uncle David’s birthday party was July 10th. One turned 60 years old and the other turned one quarter of a century.


Happy birthday, Uncle Chet!

On Friday morning, Bill received a call from Patrick, one of his brothers. It turned out that Chet’s wife Irma decided to throw an impromptu surprise party for Chet that night at 8:00 PM. We knew Bill would definitely go, and we were discussing whether or not we would take the kiddos out at their bedtime. Overhearing us, Katie, who ADORES her Uncle Chet, exclaimed, “I want to see Uncle Chet!” We thought I might stay home with Eric, who has occasionally turned into a pumpkin when he is up past his bedtime, but then I really wanted to go, too. We love Uncle Chet, and I very much want both of my children to build memories with him. Everyone had a great time. Eric and Katie both fell asleep in the car, and it turned out to be easy to transition them into bed. It was a fun twist on a Friday night! Happy birthday to someone very dear to us!

Happy birthday, Uncle David!

Aunt Ashley had a party for Uncle David at their place in Culver City, and we celebrated with her parents, brother, and grandmother as well. What a fun afternoon! It is not often that we all hang out with the Rybas, and they are pleasant folks. Several times all of us were laughing at one thing or another, and I love those kinds of personal moments that cement relationships together. Ashley made a delicious pulled pork, and an even more delicious homemade cinnamon ice cream. My FAVORITE frozen yogurt from Golden Spoon is cinnamon, and this ice cream (with luscious cream and half and half) was absolutely perfectly balanced. I was glad I was able to spend his birthday with my brother.

So it was birthday weekend for us!

This past week has been bustling! With Eric’s first birthday just around the corner (oh, sorry Hubby, I mean WEEKS away—he starts school at that time), there is so much to do! I finally finished the fabric pennant bunting (as well as another sewing project for my best friend….whose baby shower is the DAY BEFORE Eric’s party). I’ve been sewing like a whirlwind, or trying to, in the times when one or both children are sleeping. We’ve also had pretty much a million events going on this past week—and I wouldn’t change that at all—so balance has been the name of the game. Finally this week I have been able to start gathering all other supplies except food for Eric’s party. With Rosa’s shower the day before, I have to be super organized and planned so that everything is done and I can just enjoy the whole weekend. My to-do list still includes sewing a tablecloth to match the bunting, making homemade shea butter honey oatmeal soaps and oatmeal cookie mixes in mason jars to give as prizes for the games, wrapping Eric’s presents, and making a 1950s retro playlist. Tomorrow we will make the soaps, and I am hoping to finish cutting out the fabric for the patchwork tablecloth. Oh, I almost forgot: I also need to work on the week-by-week pictures that Bill has taken of Eric every Sunday. I am mounting those on cardstock and will use them as part of the decor. Lots to do!

The theme is “1950s backyard party.” I found some retro invitations online, and I am planning on 1950s childhood games (pin the tail on the donkey, clothespins in a glass milk bottle, hula hoop contest, and horseshoes). We are also serving classic 1950s americana food. It is all coming together. My mom helped me to locate glass milk bottles at a specialty market and I found some retro candy that will be part of the decor and part of the favors.

I love planning and crafting, so all of this is fun to me…on the other hand, I am aware of a timeline now that invitations have been received!