Nana’s pool is a place of childhood memory. We—my cousin, brother, and I—spent hours in the pool with my aunts and uncle and grandpa. Uncle Eric, especially, brought magic to the pool. Sweeping us up and swirling us, splashing, all around, he would save us from “Rodin,” a pterodactyl he imagined he saw in the palm trees. Perched and ready to capture us, Rodin remains real for me even now, even after missing my uncle these many years. Childhood summertime days at Nana’s were filled with diving for rocks, barbecues, swimsuits, and floaty rings.

We pass on some of the magic in Nana’s pool to the next generation:

Katie June at 9 months, August 2008

Eric William at 11 months, July 2011

May we remember the good places we have been, and may we make traditions and symbols of our family whenever we can.