Katie and Eric have been playing with their fishing game:

We made ours, and it was really a straightforward project. My mom made a set ages ago for my brother when he was a toddler, so she is the inspiration for this idea. Best of all, making one ourselves saved us a bunch of money. For just the cost of a dowel (about $1.00) magnets (between $5.00 and $6.00, but so many come in a pack you can use them for many projects), and self-laminating paper (average cost $7.00) we were able to make a game that costs around $24.99 sold online. We don’t have the fanciest rod or plastic fishes, but we do have a very usable hand-eye coordination game that we can play either indoors or outside. Fun.

To make the fishing pole, we just glued and wound some of our kitchen twine around the top of the pole. We made the length long, so that adults could play it and so that we could play it leaning over the back of a couch or off of the stair landing. We can roll the twine around the dowel when we need to shorten the length of the fishing line. At the end of the twine, we tied/glued a simple round magnet.

The fish are cut out from spare construction paper and decorated on both sides with markers. We laminated them using self-laminating paper so that they would have more durability and a heartier surface on which to attach a magnet for each.

Katie caught one!

Super easy! Maybe a morning’s work, depending on how elaborately you design your fish. This game is perfect for practicing dexterity and patience. Why not try making one?

You know what? I just had an idea! I think you could also make a fun cowboy-themed project that works in a similar way. Maybe laminated horse, cow, and tin star shapes with a bit of a thicker rope serving as a lasso. I bet many of you can think of other creative ways to extend this project to other themes. Please let me know what you come up with!

During the rest of the day:

Katie and I finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and celebrated by opening up our Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans and summoning our courage. Readers of the Harry Potter series will remember that Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans (sold now by Jelly Belly) are jelly beans that wizards eat that have all kinds of strange tastes included—including grass (YUM!), dirt (okay), earthworm (um…), pepper (fine), soap (not in our boxes), and vomit, earwax, and booger and some others. We tried a few of the more innocuous ones, but saved vomit, booger, and rotten egg for later.

When Eric woke up from his nap, we taped down some paper and the kiddos had fun coloring. Eric seems to understand what to do—he loves to follow whatever Katie is doing.

We needed to make some fresh pasta today for dinner, so Katie and Eric helped roll it out. Katie can roll it out from start to finish by herself now (though I also did some today). Eric, who is holding the pastry brush, loves to dust flour on the machine, the dough, my pants, everything. He is also helping out by holding the dough while Katie rolls it. I love to see my babies working together!

I hope everyone is having a beautiful Saturday!