5 = the number of days since my last post

7= days remaining until Celebration Weekend (Rosa’s baby shower in L.A. on Saturday; Eric’s first birthday bash on Sunday)

2= afternoons spent this week tidying the yard

1= night we went on a “moon hunt”

4= cups of frozen yogurt at the new neighborhood yogurt place (I love lychee, honeydew, and taro root with mochi balls, coconut, and carob chips)

1= fun meeting with my friend and client John at Starbucks

$17.99= price of the cake I ordered at Costco for Eric’s party (will make him one from scratch on his actual birthday, but need the store cake for number of people at the party)

3= number of hours and 2= number of people it took to install the Leapfrog software and appropriate drivers for Katie’s TAG reading system (but it was worth it, because she LOVES it)

about 178= pages we’ve read in our newest Harry Potter (Goblet of Fire) book

20= minutes spent building our Thomas the Train track on the living room coffee table

1= present I gave to Eric early (the corn ball popper—he saw it while I was in the middle of wrapping and loved it immediately. He thinks the pops are funny!)

1.5= hours spent at the Lake Skinner Splash Zone (super fun, the kiddos really had a great time)

3= hours Eric napped today (which allowed me time to read Harry Potter to Katie and give us pedicures, and also time to read more from my book containing all the published interview between Truffaut and Hitchcock, who is my favorite filmmaker of all time)

8= messages I had on my phone (I just don’t check it, friends, sorry—I view my cell as an “emergencies only/mainly” device.  I belong to a different era in that regard, and in many regards, truth be known).

1= morning dining al fresco with my babies in our backyard watching the birds, eating one of my mom’s homemade apricot scones, and sipping Yorkshire tea.

2= babies I cuddle with every night in our rocker, singing them lullabies, one in each arm

It has been a bustling week, and most of our schooling this week has taken the form of reading, discussions, talking about our globe, etc. I didn’t really slow down to take many pictures this week, and this next week will likely be the same. Cleaning, cooking, organizing…I absolutely LOVE party prep, and we’ll be devoting ourselves to it this week. My goal is to be ready to roll on Friday, given that I will be celebrating my friend and her baby on Saturday. Fun, fun, fun!