Oh my, I have some MAJOR catching up to do here! The past few days have been filled to the brim with celebration, happiness, time with dear family and friends, magic, and everything good. On Saturday we drove to L.A. for my best friend’s baby shower (which will comprise the first of my updates in just a moment). Sunday was Eric’s first birthday bash, and today was his actual birthday with another small party this evening. Whew! And in between, Katie and I have managed somehow to read another 100 pages or so of the fourth Harry Potter this weekend. It has been a fabulous, beautiful few days.

So, Rosa’s baby shower first…and then, I might just go to bed and save the first birthday blog for another evening!

I should mention that, in one of those amazing twists of fate life often has in store for us, for the past few Rosa and I have had our major celebrations coincide in the best possible way. A few years ago when it was Katie’s first birthday, Rosa had her wedding and I was matron of honor. We did so, so, so many fun things during her wedding season: an autumn-themed bridal shower, a trip to the Bellagio in Las Vegas, and of course her wedding weekend in mid-October. Shortly thereafter, we had Katie’s first birthday party in October. This past weekend, Rosa had her baby shower for her first child Nolan, and the day following was Eric’s first birthday party. I love how some of the major events in my best friend’s life are tied so closely in memory to beautiful celebrations of my own. It increases the magic. Whenever I think about Katie’s first birthday, part of the whole coziness of remembering that time is thinking of Rosa’s wedding festivities. That has to be one of the coziest, happiest autumns I’ve ever had. It was such a fun time in both of our lives, and as friends. I know I will feel the same way when looking back on Eric’s birthday.

Some pictures of Rosa’s shower:

Emily, Rosa, and I have been friends since early high school. I am so thankful for these beautiful, lasting friendships. The older I get, the more I appreciate it, too.

Hi Nolan Julian! We already love you, and we love your momma. Your dad is pretty cool, too. 😉 Hi, Dan!

Baby shower games

One of Rosa’s nieces drew her a card that featured a rendition of pregnant Rosa on the front. Har har!

One of my gifts to Rosa was a blanket for Nolan. I actually got it done before sewing the bunting, and have been so excited to give it. I kept thinking of him in it while I was sewing, and how so many people really want him to be here with us. Babies are magic.

A picture of the quilt pre-gifting. Their nursery is browns, creams, and green. Can’t wait to see what Nolan looks like in his nursery! She is due in the first part of September, but I am thinking it might be before then… We shall see. 😉