Of all the Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals I adore, which would be all of them, Oklahoma! is truly among my favorites. Sunny, optimistic, humorous, cheerful, and a bit wry, Oklahoma! also has one of their finest scores, certainly one of the most clever in parts. Like all good comedy, there is a darkness that underlies the plot and themes, and I think it is the tension between the darkness and the hearty, unflinching optimism that makes this particular musical so enjoyable for me.

We had a grandma-mother-daughter date to our local theater to see the musical performed live this afternoon. The recent high school graduate who played Ado Annie was amazing. She nailed the character. Gloria Grahame, who played Ado Annie in the 1955 film, set a high standard of performance, and today’s young lady was nearly there. I thought she was a gifted young actress and singer, to be sure. She somewhat stole the show for me, though to be sure I enjoyed all of the extremely capable principals. I’ve never seen the stage version, which included two additional songs that I had never heard. One, sung by Jud Fry immediately following “Pore Jud is Daid,” actually brought a more intense degree of menace to the plot.

Before the show

Sweet Katie

Twirling with Amie

In the theater before the show


Although we went to the matinee, it was later than we supposed by the time we got home, so it was straight into our bath and dinner routine. With a bit of daylight still left before heading to bed, right as the sun hovered in mid-set, we went outside in our jammies to water, swing, and look for the rising moon. I am still able to wear Eric in Bjorn carrier, which was just as well since we’ve  a bit of a mysterious muddy patch in our backyard and he was newly bathed. We have a certain long two-person swing on our swingset, and Katie has been loving to use this singly the past few days. We pretend it is her Firebolt (Harry Potter reference), and that she is playing in a Quidditch match. I call out some of the plays, and of course, she is on the Gryffindor team. She likes me to throw our bouncy balls at her like bludgers.

After watering and swinging, we wandered into the front yard to see if we could see the moon rising yet. No, but our neighbor Rita did come outside (in her jammies, too, which made it all so cozy), and we discussed the art of making cheese together, which she has been doing frequently. She uses a simple recipe, which I am inspired to try!

Then it was off to bed and a cuddly reading of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. We just started it two days ago, and we’re over a hundred pages into it already. We’re having such a fun time with this series.

This morning the kiddos both helped to make sweet potato oatmeal crumble muffins. Eric’s language picked up this weekend, another uptick, with more words enunciated (“water”, “I need”, “good job” etc). I remember that Katie’s language started erupting around one-year-old as well. Can’t wait to see what else our little man has to say! His other cutest-thing-ever that he did this weekend? Playing pat-a-cake with me without me moving his hands for him. He claps and rolls his hands (still working on poking and marking-with-a-B). I’ve also had many rounds of hide-n-seek with the kiddos this weekend, and he thinks he is hiding just by putting his head down so he can’t see me. Cute, or what???

Hope everyone else had a beautiful weekend out there!