What a fun afternoon with my cousin Kd! We’ve been talking for awhile about going shopping for fabric in Old Town Temecula at a store that stocks with vintage flair. We want to work on a quilt together, Kd’s first. We might decide to have as many family members as possible contribute to hand-quilting it when we have it assembled—wouldn’t that be so symbolic and awesome?

It was clear upon stepping into the store that Kd has an innate talent for quilt design and color. Her aesthetic sense is clear and speaks to her: amid thousands of bolts, her eye can spot magic. I adore her fabric choices. I want this quilt! We had so much fun trying out different combinations of fabric and narrowing it down to eight different pieces.

Home again at my house, we began the cutting with my mat and rotary cutter. I showed her only once, and then she proceeded to cut all the squares out of three of the eight fabrics, with beautiful precision. So much fun! I will work on cutting out the other squares after I cut Katie’s jumper.

Our plan is that Kd and I will lay out the pattern together and start sewing the quilt top together. How neat is it to have this project between us? You know what else makes my heart sing? Observing Kd’s creative spark, what she likes or doesn’t like. We learn so much about people when we see them creating, listening to their unique creative heartstring. Creating together is a way of knowing.

Family. Cozy project. Learning and teaching. Immersion in beautiful fabrics. Working with our hands and our minds to produce something that lasts. Something to give warmth. Joy.

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